Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Daily Radio Podcast & Store

Dear Potential Youngevity Associate/Distributor:

Welcome! Now is your chance to take advantage of being in the downline of ZBS Radio Associates (with the ability to offer the same to others). The producer and syndicator of the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Radio Program (“DDDL”), hosted by Youngevity Founder Dr. Joel Wallach, would like to welcome you at part of our team.

We have been producing this live program each weekday since mid-September 1996, over 18 years.

This radio program has been used all this time quite successfully to help Doc Wallach spread his message of health, wealth, and longevity – made available ONLY to FCC-licensed radio stations in the USA – AND as a POWERFUL TOOL to SIMULTANEOUSLY build Youngevity downlines for those stations. Some stations actually bring in more revenue from Youngevity downline checks than from all of their advertising sales combined!

Now, and throughout 2015, we have a whole new world of media, powered by computers, tablets, smartphones, the internet, and PASSIONATE, EXCITED PEOPLE like YOU!

Today ANYBODY is capable of starting his or her own media network via blogs, podcasting, websites, and social media with little or no cash investment.

No government agency, or lack of a sufficient bank account is going to prevent you from communicating with millions of people.

So why limit the DDDL radio program to radio station affiliates ONLY? Why not make it available to EVERY potential Youngevity distributor in the ZBS downline to use as a wonderful tool to build the Youngevity business – and help Doc Wallach’s message GO VIRAL TO BOOT?

Starting immediately, all ZBS distributors can THEMSELVES be affiliates of the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Radio Program and HAVE THEIR OWN Dead Doctors Radio website to direct all potential customers and associates to.

It will be like having Doc Wallach put on a health meeting for you each and every weekday!

Your free site will feature live streaming of current DDDL shows, as well as SEARCHABLE archives of many years of past Doc Wallach shows. It will also contain a shopping cart connected directly to the Youngevity computer system so visitors can IMMEDIATELY purchase specific Youngevity products recommended by Doc Wallach or his fill-in hosts, Pharmacist Ben Fuchs or Dr. Peter Glidden – and the website owner, YOU, will automatically be designated Enroller and Sponsor of each new signup through your site!

Join us by becoming a Dead Doctors Radio affiliate. Once you sign up a member of our team will contact you and get you set up right away. Sign up here:

Thank you.

MZ Michael Zwerling
Chairman, ZBS Radio Associates
Michael L. Zwerling Owner,
KSCO NewsTalk AM 1080
Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz-San Jose

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